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Why You Should Work With Us Competitive Prices We provide the Best Prices & Value Guarantee promises to our guests, for your vacation or individual tours, providing the best rate and latest promotions so you can make an informed decision. Personalized Services We are avid travelers who take joy in providing one-on-one service and unbiased […]
Luxuria Travel & Events provide a wide variety of option for tours, meals, activities, and much more to add to your tours to have a magnificent trip, just choose one of our extra optional activity for the below table Optional Tours & Excursions   Duration 10 – 19 20 – 30 31 – 46 Remarks […]
Burj Khalifah, Dubai - Luxuria Travel & Events
هل تحلم برحلة لتتنقل بها إلى عوالم الفخامة والترف العربي الممزوج بعبق الضيافة العربية والثقافة الإسلامية؟! إذنّ وجهتك هي مدينة الذهب والعجائب وناطحات السحاب، وعالم يستقي رونقه من الأساطير والأفكار الخلاقة، دبي!