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Luxuria Travel & Events
Luxuria Travel & Events

Luxuria Travel & Events is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with representative partners worldwide. We are a proud affiliated member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), and World Shopping Tourism Network (WSTN).

We were established in 1995 as a tourism and events management company; with an aim to promote B2B incentives and events group packages. We continuously develop our business better to serve the growing demand of our guests and partners globally.

Our website www.LuxuriaTours.com is user-friendly and provides Various options for international holiday packages, tours, excursions, events management, team building, educational, pilgrimage, medical packages, and media production Assistance, which can all be customized.

We believe in our customers’ choices and flexibility. That’s why Luxuria Travel & Events can also assist in customizing any holidays, tours, and events packages. Our packages are carefully planned to cater to every discerning traveler.

We organize and customize all kinds of events & conferences around the world that are specially arranged by our professional planners through our extensive experience.

We associate with our partners to develop special charity events to create interactive activities and develop the concept of sustainable tourism in our communities. These programs are aimed to align with the UNWTO goals.

Our Services

  • Worldwide Holidays Packages (Groups, Incentive, Leisure, Corporate)
  • Events Management (Conventions, Exhibitions, Corporate Branding, Team Building)
  • Tours & Excursions
  • Holy Land Trip (Israel)
  • Educational Packages
  • Umrah Trips (KSA)
  • (Photography, Culinary, Wellness, Honeymoon …)
  • Accommodation & Transportation Services
  • Real Estate & Investments FAM Trips
  • Media Production Assista
Why You Should Book With Us - Luxuria Travel & Events

Why You Should Work With Us

Competitive Prices Icon - Luxuria Travel & Events

Competitive Prices

We provide the Best Prices & Value Guarantee promises to our guests, for your vacation or individual tours, providing the best rate and latest promotions so you can make an informed decision.

Personalized Services Icon - Luxuria Travel & Events

Personalized Services

We are avid travelers who take joy in providing one-on-one service and unbiased information. Rather than dealing with a faceless corporation, we work for you.

Guaranteed Satisfaction Icon - Luxuria Travel & Events

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We don’t stop working for you, even after you’ve booked your trip.  In the event of an unfortunate mishap, we will act on your behalf to see that restitution is made.

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction so you return the next time you’re planning a trip. We want you to be happy, long-term customers!

Export Guidance Icon - Luxuria Travel & Events

Expert Guidance

Over 28 years of experience give us knowledge in & outs of the travel industry, providing you with a variety of holidays & tours to help you find what suits you. In cooperation with our reliable partners around the world to provide the best services to our guests, we serve over 25 destinations around the world.

We have years of long-standing relationships with preferred suppliers and partners, around the world to provide the best services to our guests, we serve over 25 destinations around the world.

As a result, we can share the best inside deals available, saving you money.

Convenient & Reliability Icon - Luxuria Travel & Events

Convenient & Reliability

We go above & beyond limits to ensure we reach the highest quality & service are met at every step of your journey.

To achieve these values, we closely monitor client satisfaction and are constantly seeking new ways to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Friendly & knowledgeable staff will be with you for the duration of your stay until you are safely home again.

Customized Packages Icon - Luxuria Travel & Events

Customized Packages

All our packages & tours can be Customized or built completely from scratch to suit your needs.

Your dream trips. Any travel that you can imagine, is our mission to become true. We can assist in customizing any holiday packages, tours, events & conferences around the world. Our packages are carefully planned to cater to every discerning traveler.


Build strong relationships with our customers & worldwide strategic partners positively, reflecting the achievement of mutual objectives to become a premier tourism company committed to providing an exceptional inspiring personal experience.

Our Values - Luxuria Travel & Events

Our Values

  • Professionally providing our services with the highest level of quality.
  • Fulfill our obligations to our partners & clients.
  • Foster creativity, excellence, transparent, teamwork & camaraderie in the workplace.
  • Minimal turnaround times & provide the best competitive rates.
  • Committed to sending you home with great memories of your holiday.
  • Commit to providing sustainable tourism


Luxuria Travel & Events specializes in the organization of incentive & leisure groups. Our team consists of multilingual and dynamic professionals, who have extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of tourism and an in-depth understanding of destinations all over the world. Our professional team can customize any requirements for any group for different international destinations. We can cater to small and large group travelers.

Luxuria Travel & Events can organize group events ranging from staff social events to team-building activities. Whether you aim to motivate your team or just have a bit of fun, we can tailor-made programs based on your objectives and budget.

For team building, programs can range from half-day to an elaborate full-day event, with a host of activities to choose from. Wherever the venue and whatever the choice of activities is, we guarantee an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Luxuria Travel & Events can also arrange themed functions, private dinners, go-carting, Eid celebrations, Iftar banquet during the Holy month of Ramadan, Christmas & New Year celebrations, product launches, wedding parties, meetings, conferences/sessions & many more fun-filled activities.

For all travel agent partners and companies around the world, Luxuria Travel & Events can provide a wide range of holiday packages and customized private packages; we’ll manage the itinerary from A to Z.

Thailand - Luxuria Travel & Events


Burj Khalifah, Dubai - Luxuria Travel & Events


Malaysia - Luxuria Travel & Events


Turkey Blue Mosque - Luxuria Tours & Events


Sumba Island in Indonesia - Luxuria Travel & Events


Marina Bay Sands Singapore - Luxuria Travel & Events


Vietnam - Luxuria Travel & Events


Coron, Palawan - Luxuria Travel & Events


La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain - Luxuria Travel & Events


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - Luxuria Travel & Events




Greece Santorini - Luxuria Travel & Events


Azerbaijan - Luxuria Travel & Events


Narikala Fortress قلعة ناريكالا - Georgia - Luxuria Travel & Events


Pizza Tower - Luxuria Travel & Events


Christ Redeemer Brazil - Luxuria Travel & Events


Events Management

Whether you’re looking for an event management company to plan and manage your upcoming conference, team building, or an event agency to highlight your brand at your next corporate meeting in any country around the world, Luxuria Travel & Events has professional event planners who will ensure your event is planned smoothly and managed exceptionally.

Events Management - Luxuria Travel & Events

Our Services

  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building Activities
  • International Conferences & Annual Meetings
  • Banquets & Gala Dinners
  • Product Launches & Branding
  • Community Events
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Exhibition
  • Corporate Schools, Universities, Institutes Events
  • Reunions
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Destination Management

Creating Unforgettable Events

Events Management - Luxuria Travel & Events

Discover What Never Before Seen!

How do We Work?

We Want to Get to Know You

Events Management - Luxuria Travel & Events

What is your business about? What are your challenges?

The first step for us is about getting to know you and your business.

Let Us Do All the Work for Your Events

Events Management - Luxuria Travel & Events

Leave the planning and management to us. You can rest assured that the event will go smoothly & in line with your objectives.

Deliver What’s Promised

Events Management - Luxuria Travel & Events

We’ll execute and take care of the on-site details, production plans, schedules, deadlines, and a to-do list that comes along with managing an event.

Luxuria Travel & Events

Will Enhance Your Events By

As a standalone activity or as part of a larger corporate event

Luxuria Travel & Events will take care of each detail for your guests from inception through to execution

Accommodations- Luxuria Travel & Events


We provide a wide range of accommodation selections covering all categories around the world.

Tour Guide Icon - Luxuria Travel & Events

Tours & Excursions

We provide a variety of customized sightseeing, excursions & leisure activities.

Events Groups - Luxuria Travel & Events

Team Building

Our unique approach and product range delivers thought-provoking and inspiring activities for your team.

Meeting & Convention

We have extensive experience in planning and running effective meetings, conferences, conventions, workshops, seminars, award ceremonies, sessions, forums, and congresses worldwide.


We will work with your chosen venue to present the best options to meet your requirements and budget. You can choose from themed functions, private cocktail receptions, gala dinners, religious celebrations (Christmas, New Year’s, Ramadan Iftar, etc.), product launches, wedding parties, meetings, conferences & other fun-filled activities and we’ll take care of it.

Technical & Production

We’ll provide your production needs such as decoration, audio-visual & technical equipment, bands Performances & more.

Transportation - Luxuria Travel & Events


We provide all logistics services of limousines, chauffeured vehicles, coaches, executive coaches, yachts, helicopters, and many more options to suit your requirements.

For international conferences & events, we can also organize flights & charter aircraft for the delegates upon request.


We will capture your special moments from your event. Our dedicated team is happy to book and manage a photographer or videographer and invite media organizations to cover your event.

Holy Land Trips

Holy Land Trips - Luxuria Travel & Events

Luxuria Travel & Events provides superior Christian, Muslim & Jew journeys to holy lands.

We believe that personal touch is very important in a successful journey. The first step in organizing a group tour begins with a simple contacting us by WhatsApp (+971 54 4460442) or E-mail (Info@LuxuriaTours.com) with your requests & we will guide you in planning the details for your guests.

Christian Pilgrimages (Israel)

We are offering high-quality & all-inclusive Christian packages to Israel at reasonable rates. There are no additional expenses other than your lunches or the gifts you buy.

We invite all priests, laymen, nuns, private organizations, college professors, travel agencies along Catholic schools to experience our pilgrimage packages.

Special considerations are given to pilgrimage leaders; our team operates pilgrimages for pre-formed groups of 15 passengers and above.

Umrah (Saudi Arabia)

Luxuria Travels & Events offers a wide variety of Umrah packages designed to fit your schedule and budget so you can coordinate with your business, friends, and relatives in choosing the perfect Umrah package. We can provide full service for all your needs to have a perfect religious and spiritual experience.

Wherever your geographic location is in the world, we will deliver our services to you directly without a need for any local agent, we issue the Umrah visa for your pilgrims directly from our side as E-Visa.

The World Is Your Limit

Shiek Zayed Grand Mosque - Luxuria Travel & Events

Abu Dhabi

Burj Al Arab - Luxuria Travel & Events


Sharjah - Luxuria Travel & Events


Al-Ain Palace Museum - Luxuria Travel & Events

Al Ain

Real Estate

equity for investors looking to invest in Dubai and UAE. The access key to the best investment is the experience of finding the best property and evaluating sourcing market opportunities.

We build strong relationships with leading private markets managers, developers, and governmental bodies, to seek out high-quality investment opportunities for the best returns as investors or to settle for your own.

We provide various options of residential and commercial properties in different locations in Dubai, with multiple options (Apartments, Villas, Town Houses, offices, shops …).

Set Up Your Business in Dubai

Luxuria Travel & Events helps you to set up your business and buy any property.

    Our Services

  • Open an LLC company in Dubai and choose a corporate local sponsor.
  • Open Free Zone company in Dubai with 100% ownership.
  • Issue and help with all paperwork for your license.
  • Register your properties.
  • Bank Account Opening Services.
  • VAT Registration.
Real Estate - Luxuria Travel & Events
Educational Packages - Luxuria Travel & Events

Educational Packages

Educational Packages Logo - Luxuria Travel & Events

Luxuria Travel & Events as an official member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO shares the ideas and proposals for sustainable tourism and works closely with affiliate members to develop our educational packages.

We aim to increase and sustain the knowledge of your students by helping them to immerse in different cultures, learn the history of a country, savor the traditional way of cooking food, to marvel at majestic historical and contemporary architecture.

W offers a variety of international educational & leisure packages worldwide. This is besides multiple options of tours & excursions in UAE. We will be your guide in showing your students lessons right in front of their eyes: from the rich flora and fauna of Asia’s forests to the wildlife of Africa, the magnificent museums, art, and culture in Europe, the spices in India, the rich traditions of Arabic culture and heritage in middle east, we help our students get introduced in the principles of sustainable tourism.

Luxuria Travel & Events can provide various educational tour options for any school level (pre-school, secondary, Institutes, Universities, and Colleges) and we have special packages for interactive trips with families and friends that aim to foster social skills.

We will be your partner in helping every student create their ambitious plan for the future, increasing their knowledge, and developing their personalities so they can be cosmopolitan, culture-savvy, and responsible individuals in our society.

We can offer so much more by bringing them to the world outside the classroom!

Luxuria Will Make the World Your Classroom

Our Educational Packages Include

  • Field Trips
  • Languages Courses
  • Outdoor Camps
  • Heritage, Culture, Archeology & Museums
  • Nature & Adventure
  • Culinary & Gastronomy
  • Sustainable & Ecological Travel
  • Sports & Outdoor Activities
  • Events, Entertainment & Parties
  • Training & Conferences
  • Educational & Science Workshops
  • Charity & Community Programs
  • Training & Conferences
Media Production - Luxuria Travel & Events

Media Production Services

Our Services Include 

  • Processing of permits for filming
  • We will assist you to set up your production base and provide you with everything necessary for a successful production
  • Connect you with all agencies for casting
  • Fashion shows production
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Sound Stages & Studio Rentals
  • Set Construction
  • Catering services in a location or a restaurant
  • Accommodation, Travel, and Transport – our team can help with travel and transport arrangements and can advise you on the most cost-effective deals
  • We provide production and support services during your shoot and offer full-service line-producing and co-production services
  • We will help to arrange the right coverage to ensure your project meets all insurance requirements


Luxuria Travel & Events commits to offering the latest fleets of vehicles and providing the best quality service.

We are leading the way in transport with all services for tours and excursions and sightseeing business, boasting of a highly talented and experienced management team and passionate and efficient staff from different nationalities who can assist you with your every demand.

We only offer the best competitive prices there are in the market without compromising the quality service, which we adhere to at the very inception of the company.

   Our Services Include 

  • Tours & Excursions
  • Desert Safari
  • Airport or Port Arrival & Departure
  • Chartered Service
  • Conferences, Convention & Exhibitions Service
  • Business Trips
  • Vehicles Rentals
Transportation - Luxuria Travel & Events

Vehicles Rentals

We offer the latest fleets of vehicles with a chauffeur-driven vehicle and provide the best quality service.

Our vehicles for groups and individuals meet the highest standards to serve our guests and cover all 7 Emirates.  

Desert Safari

We provide serval options of Safari private vehicles to suit all your needs to feel comfortable and cozy with your family or business partners.

Our vehicles fleet has a wide range of options, just let us know what you need and we will find the best option for you.

Dubai Desert Safari - Luxuria Travel & Events
Yacht Charter - Luxuria Travel & Events

Luxury Yacht Charter

Looking for an unforgettable luxury voyage by yacht in the Arabian gulf!

Luxuria offers a wide range of luxury yacht charters for both daily and hourly rent. We aim to deliver the ultimate yacht charter experience with security and unparalleled luxury.

Our extra services to enhance your trip have many options to choose such as BBQ meals, Parties, Events, DJ, Live Band, Team Building, Fishing, and many others.

VIP Limousine

Upgrade your tour to our luxury Limousine Service with a chauffeur-driven vehicle designed to serve the needs of our guests.

This enriching experience service is available for multiple options starting by book per hour or for several days to serve the needs of our clients.

VIP Limousine Services -Luxuria Travel & Events

Travel Insurance Services

  • Outbound Travel Insurance (Worldwide)
  • Inbound Travel Insurance (UAE)

Luxuria Travel & Events has a partnership with the best travel insurance Agents in the world AIG & Travel Guard. All our plans are specially designed to cater to all travelers who seek the protection of a travel insurance policy at an affordable price. Travelers are given a choice to select from the Silver, Gold & Platinum categories. The silver option is particularly useful for those who need medical cover for Schengen visa requirements.

We offer several benefits including emergency medical expenses, travel inconvenience, and direct settlement options for hospitalization.

Travel Insurance Logo - Luxuria Tours & Events
UAE Visa - Luxuria Travel & Events

UAE Visa Services

Luxuria Travel & Events provides complete UAE visa services for different nationals wishing to travel to this cosmopolitan country; saving you time, effort and money. Dubai Visit Visa & Dubai Transit Visa can be applied by the customers according to their requirements. We provide – Tourist Visa for 29 Days, Transit Visa for 14 Days, and 89 Days Visit Visa for single or multiple entries.

It should be noted that this list may vary slightly from time to time and it is, therefore, best to check with your local UAE embassy or the airline that you’re traveling with to the UAE before departure.


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