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Luxuria’s Educational Packages

Luxuria Tours & Events as official member in United Nation World Tourism Organization UNWTO share the ideas and proposal for sustainable tourism and work closely with affiliate members to develop our educational packages.

We aim to increase and sustain the knowledge of your students by helping them to immerse in different cultures, to learn history of a country, to savor the traditional way of cooking food, to marvel at majestic historical and contemporary architectures.

Luxuria Tours offers over 50 international educational & leisure packages around the world. We also have over 140 tours & excursions in UAE. We will be your guide in showing your students lessons right in front of their eyes: from the rich flora and fauna of Asia’s forests, to the wild life of Africa, the magnificent museums, art and culture in Europe, the spices in India, the rich traditions of Arabic culture and heritage in middle east, we help our students get introduced in the principles of sustainable tourism.

Luxuria Tours can provide various educational tour options for any school level (pre-school, secondary, Institutes, Universities, Colleges) and we have special packages for interactive trips with families and friends which aims to foster social skills.

We will be your partner in helping every student in creating their ambitious plan for the future, increase their knowledge, developing their personalities so they can be cosmopolitan, culture-savvy and responsible individuals of our society.
We can offer so much more by bringing them to the world outside the classroom!


Luxuria Tours will Make the World Your Classroom!

  Learning Outcomes
– Experience learning outside the classroom: the culture, history, geography, arts
– Develop an understanding of the economics and science in the modern world
– Build confidence and learn to value the skills and techniques needed for personal and team success
– Discover, explore and have fun with fellow students and teachers
– Gain independence and self-confidence
– Strengthen existing friendships and help make new friends
– Gain personal organization skills, co-operation skills and work with others in a variety of environments
– Cooperate with charities and international organizations to develop their psychological and moral behavior
– Work with charity organizations such as Red Crescent to breed and develop charitable generation
– Social work and activities during overseas trips.
– Create family connection through bonding activities
– Work closely with UNWTO programs for sustainable tourism and other activities

  Our Educational Packages Include
– Field Trips
– Languages Courses
– Outdoor Camps
– Heritage, Culture, Archeology & Museums
– Nature & Adventure
– Culinary & Gastronomy
– Sustainable & Ecological Travel
– Sports & Outdoor Activities
– Events, Entertainment & Parties
– Training & Conferences
– Educational & Science Workshops
– Charity & Community Programs
– Training & Conferences

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