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Reasons To Make Your Life In Dubai Irreplaceable

Reasons To Make Your Life In Dubai Irreplaceable

Every time i leave Dubai to travel i miss these small things in our live in Dubai and UAE generally we consider it standard, i really miss Dubai & the high quality of lifestyle you will never appreciate it until compare it with other countries, I try to make a list for some of this thing:

  • Dubai has the cleanest public toilets which you will never find in any other cities (that I have visited). Specially the bidet and cleaning staff in any public toilets, this beside they all free!.The Address Dubai Mall - Luxuria Tours & Events
  • Seeing a normal Bentley, Porsche or Lamborghini, Ferrari, does not impress you anymore.
  • Sunshine 365 days a year in Dubai. So, you can wear light cloth all the time and hang out late night hours and seat outside, unlike most of modern cities you have to wear heavy cloth and after sunset you should stay at home.
  • Before I check in of any hotel, I wander about the quality and services specially in Europe and USA because the hotel standards in Dubai is very high, even DTCM have their own ISO standards higher form than international standards. So, you will find 4 star hotel in Dubai is like a 5 star property to the rest of the world.
  • shopping … shopping, when we’re out of Dubai for shopping, we will appreciate the cheap prices and low taxes Dubai have it, and verity of options in market.Oriental Nights - Luxuria Tours & Events
  • Safe & Secure, you can walk in any street late night or even you can let your wife or daughter back fromwork alone 4am and you will sleep in your bed because you know it’s safe.
  • If you want to hang out you will not care about the petrol you will spend and you will not have to use public transportation or wait in cold or hot to get to your destination
  • Get out of your vehicle to Putt a gas by yourself this something will never happened, allows there is someone will serve you.
  • The standard car your will own in Dubai is luxury for most of other countries.
  • “where are you from?” and “what do you do?” this the most question you will face when you meet someone for the first time since here is 202 nationality live in UAE and 89% of population are expats.
  • You will feel you like ambassador in UN because You’ll having friends of different nationalities. And if you want to travel or need help form any country around the world you will just picked up your mobile and call a friend or friend of friends there for help.
  • Air-conditioning anywhere, even bus stops or any station have or vehicle.
  • When you want to eat something, there is huge verity of cuisines and restaurants and after few months of staying in Dubai you will be tried most of the cuisines around the world.

    Dubai Palm Island - Luxuria Tours & Events
    Dubai Palm Island – Luxuria Tours & Events
  • If you feel hot in “45 degree” so just try Ski Dubai the biggest indoor ski in the world (23,500m2, where is “-4 degree” inside and you can play in snow and with penguin.
  • No need to run or complain form rain, most of people in Dubai if there is rain or little cold they will be happy and enjoy this extreme weather.
  • Any time, any place you need grocery even a bread there is someone to deliver it to you house for free even at 4am.
  • In Dubai no need to give your address to get you mail, simply just give your P.O. Box.
  • Almost everybody in Dubai spend their holidays in different continents every time, this is a luxury that not anyone can afford in rest of world.
  • You will never see alcoholic drinks you or family in street or supermarket or any public place.
  • When you stop any Taxi he will not ask you before get in car “where you will go” then he will decide if he will accept you or not, this beside the taxi fares aren’t so bad. In fact, they cheaper of most countries.Dubai Canal Sunset - Luxuria Tours Events
  • The landscape view of Dubai is extreme and to see a building in middle of water for artificial islands is so normal.
  • your kids are being exposed to different nationalities hence, playing a vital role of teaching them to embrace all cultures & religion.
  • While the rest of the world are nagging about the 35 degree Celsius weather, you’re just so happy that it’s not 40 degree.
  • The metro and all stations are so clean and each station have a magnificent design, this beside you can enjoy the gold members section if you want more luxury, and you will never see someone inside the train play loud. Check luxury rehabs MI.Emirates Palace AD - Luxuria Tours & Events
  • music or making some stupid show to get some money.
  • There’s always something going on in Dubai, events, festivals, fundraisers, openings. Conferences, exhibitions, live shows, art, theater … you will never feel boring.
  • The electricity power and water service never stopped even for a minute.
  • Salons & SPAS are cheap and you can enjoy full body care for very good prices.
  • You can finish any legal process in few minutes and no need to bring a lot of documents and visit most of governmental buildings in your town to process your license or whatever you want to make, most of things online and you can do it easily and no one will even try to ask for bribe from you.

Connecting minds, creating the future this is the tagline of Dubai expo 2020 and we see it applies in real live, Dubai opened up doors for everybody gave people an opportunity to live and create their own dreams to become true.

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